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LifeCare Health Partners, a leading healthcare services provider, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients and maximizing their potential for healing and recovery. Powered by passionate care teams, LifeCare specializes in helping patients with expert, aggressive medical care in warm, caring environments.

LifeCare Health Partners encompasses the LifeCare Family of Hospitals as well as a spectrum of post-acute services including transitional care, inpatient and outpatient behavioral health treatment and home-based care. Care teams meet patients in the most appropriate care setting for their specific needs to advance health, healing and recovery across the care continuum.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, the company was founded in 1992 and quickly grew into a system of more than 15 freestanding and "hospital-in-hospital" facilities nationwide designed to treat chronically ill and medically complex patients. In 2016, the organization expanded to include an even larger post-acute platform of services with the addition of home-based care. Today the company operates as LifeCare Health Partners.


Mission & Values





To become the most respected clinical brand by creating compassionate care experiences every day.



Our values encompass who we are as an organization and are a guide to how we operate with one another and the patients we care for – they reflect “how we show up” and what is important to us as a company.

We own and are accountable for the patient experience, clinical excellence, and business execution. We do what we say we are going to do. We never walk past a problem, a patient, or a colleague in need.  We operate with integrity in a professional environment.  We think and act like owners of the business and like good stewards of the community. 

We are inclusive. We embrace the unique backgrounds, expertise and perspectives of our colleagues and patients.  We trust and support one another.  We value and embrace multiple points of view.  We believe that every person’s role  is vital to the success of our movement.

We demonstrate compassion and caring as caregivers while delivering high quality and clinical excellence.  We recognize that there is no one size fits all approach to patient care.  We seek to understand our patients’ underlying hopes, dreams and aspirations.  We create a warm environment that is dedicated to the thoughtful, tailored care of our patients’ physical and emotional needs.

We believe every patient’s maximum recovery potential and superior clinical outcome is accelerated through multidisciplinary teamwork. We break down silos and we aren’t into turf protection and information hoarding. We favor blurred boundaries, radical collaboration and shared responsibility between caregivers. We believe our patients win when the experience is seamless.  We share knowledge, expertise and learning with our team and across the organization.

We welcome change, encourage innovation from everyone and continually seek better, more efficient ways to live out our cause. We will never be satisfied with yesterday’s headlines or the way we’ve always done it. We think outside the box and apply creative ideas to meet unique patients needs and solve business problems.  We are inquisitive and we challenge the status quo for the good of our patients and the company. 


We advance health, healing and recovery across the care continuum.


Faces of LifeCare

At LifeCare Health Partners, we celebrate the successes of our patients as they make progress in their recovery and of our dedicated care teams as they help improve the quality of life for patients. 

“I try to take care of every patient as if they were my mother or father.”

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Patients can be referred to our hospitals from various healthcare providers, including hospitals, family physicians, specialists, case managers, social workers, home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities. Click here for more information