People of LifeCare

Azubuike “Zuby” Ikwueme, RN

Azubuike “Zuby” Ikwueme has been with LifeCare Hospitals of Plano for more than two years and is one of the happiest, most dedicated RNs you could meet. He goes above and beyond for each patient and welcomes every person he meets with a warm and gracious smile.

When asked what the most rewarding part of his job is, Zuby’s response was, “putting a smile on our patients’ faces.” This speaks to his kind demeanor; he truly shines when helping others.

Zuby did not have an easy upbringing, though, which he said contributes to his desire to provide compassionate care.

“I was sick a lot during my childhood and that inspired me [to] enter nursing to take care of others. I can relate to them and have empathy towards them.”

In the last few years, he has been recognized as a stand-out employee – earning the LifeCare Employee of the Quarter Award for the beginning of 2016.  Zuby goes above and beyond every day for his patients at LifeCare Hospitals of Plano. 

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