People of LifeCare

Lakisha Boone, LP/VN II

Lakisha Boone goes above and beyond every day not only for her patients at LifeCare Hospitals of North Carolina, but also for her family, coworkers and community. A Licensed Practical/ Vocational Nurse, ENT and a mother of four boys, Lakisha still finds the time to get involved in the community as a volunteer firefighter. Now she, her husband, who has been a firefighter for 19 year, and her two oldest sons are selflessly involved in the fire department in Nash County. They attend meetings and trainings as a family, and the two youngest boys play firefighter at home!

Lakisha’s coworkers call her the “Start Drive” because she picks up on emergency situations quickly. The best example of her inclination to work quickly is the story of how she met her husband.

In 2002 she was called to an accident on state highway 95, and the firefighter who was pulling her patient from the wreckage was not going fast enough for her and she gave him a few choice words at the time. That firefighter later call the station where Lakisha was an EMT at the time and asked her for a date! They have been together ever since and work together to better their community.

“I try to take care of every patient as if they were my mother or father,” said Lakisha as she recounted stories of patients that stand out in her memory. Having cared for her older siblings in her personal life, nursing comes naturally. She is always the first to volunteer, she is a faithful employee, she loves her community and Lakisha truly shines when helping others.

In the 10 years Lakisha Boone has worked with LifeCare, she been witness to true miracles but has also worked through grief with her work family. What makes her truly stand out is her desire to help others. Even though her plate is full, she found the time to raise money for a coworker in need; she helped find ways to communicate with a patient whose first language was not English; she helps in nearly every department, saying, “I think the kitchen is the only place I haven’t worked yet in LifeCare.”

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