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A long hospital stay was not how Lance Haley imagined ringing in the 2016 New Year.  Lance had suffered from a recurring wound on his big toe after having stepped on a thorn. The sore, however, hadn’t caused any complications, so it was left to heal naturally. The night before New Year’s Eve, though, Lance began to feel feverish and noticed redness that would later be diagnosed as cellulitis. In the emergency room, doctors found that along with cellulitis, Lance also had osteomyelitis (a bone infection) in the toe. The osteomyelitis necessitated surgery to amputate part of the toe. After surgery, Lance’s symptoms improved.

Lance was admitted to LifeCare Hospitals of Plano the second week of January to recover and begin physical therapy. His care team included nurses, physicians, therapists, case managers and other hospital personnel who worked together to create a comprehensive care plan for his recovery. 

The multi-disciplinary team approach to patient care is the standard at LifeCare. Directed by highly trained, committed physicians and comprised of innovative, compassionate healthcare professionals, LifeCare teams are involved in every aspect of a patient’s care. Each patient is embraced as an individual with a personal history and a unique health situation; Lance was no exception. 

“I like how you are assigned an ambassador,” Lance said, referring to his clinical liaison who stayed involved throughout the recovery process. 

After a few weeks of treatment for his infection and therapy for his healed toe, Lance was excited about returning home. 

“I have two boys, 9 and 6… I have five acres and they like to run wild out there,” he said. 
At LifeCare, he was able to spend time with his boys outside when the weather was nice, an amenity he hadn’t experienced before at a hospital - and he made a special point to praise LifeCare’s home-style cooking. While a month in the hospital was not the ideal start to his year, Lance’s team kept his spirits up and created a comprehensive plan to get him back home to watch his boys play. “It’s made my stay easier,” Lance said.

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