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2019 Re: Solutions

Instead of making Resolutions, try creating Solutions for 2019. It’s a mindset and goal-oriented approach to making the most of your new year. It’s not as difficult as you think.

Take stock in your successes and struggles from 2018 and jot down things you want to improve upon, and things you want to achieve now that the fresh new year has begun. It doesn’t have to be a complicated list or process. Keep it simple so you can track your progress as you check items off your list. What kinds of things do you want to accomplish? What will be your approach and outlook on the year ahead? Those are ultimately up to you, but here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

Set Goals for yourself and stick to them. Take pride in reaching each goal.

  • Hold yourself accountable. Push yourself and then have friends or family urge you on to success in reaching those marks. Remember, there is strength in numbers and those closest to you want you to accomplish your goals. Share your goals to get inspiration from others, or find the strength within yourself to pursue it on your own.
  • Reward yourself for reaching your milestones throughout the year. Treat yourself to a nice dinner or night out…how about a mini vacation or even a ‘staycation’…or something as simple as buying that new book you’ve been wanting to dive into. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just needs to make you happy and fulfilled that you reached a goal.
  • Stick to your goals, even after you reach them. Runners don’t stop at the finish line because they made it; they burst through the tape and relish in the accomplishment, the race and the challenge they just completed. What do they do next? They prepare for the next race. You should do the same. Reach those goals and then set the bar higher, or even set a new goal to challenge yourself.

Now that you have a roadmap of sorts, to help you track your progress, here are some different types of goals you can set for yourself. Remember, goals are different for each and every person. They are personal desires for you and you alone to strive for and reach. But allow others to inspire you and give you encouragement as you go. It’s never easy, and support is always appreciated.

Suggestions for Solutions

Financial – Whether it’s wanting to save more money, or make better investments, or even just striving to spend smarter in the new year, just make a plan and a stick to it to reach that goal.

Health – It’s always good to make health improvements, and the new year is a popular time to start for many people. Going to the gym, eating right, quitting smoking or another bad habit, changing your diet, scheduling more frequent checkups and being mindful of your health & well-being, are all things to think about as you set your goals. 

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Career – Some career-oriented goals you can try; continuing your education, freshening up the resume, freelancing to cash in on one of your talents, or simply just making a career change to challenge yourself and progress in your life path.

Personal Growth – This goes along with health and career a little bit. But it’s about setting goals to do things better or more efficient in 2019. Make those efforts to alter the way you approach life and make some positive changes for yourself.

Relationships – This category can be about strengthening your relationships with friends & family. It can be about removing negative people from your everyday life. It can be about finding new friends and creating new activity partners or groups.

Philosophical – Explore new ways to make a difference in the world through charity, philanthropy or volunteerism. Find ways to make a better “you” by looking in the mirror and improving your outlook on yourself, the world and your way of life.

Bucket List – This is a fun ‘catch-all’ category. It can mean doing things you’ve always wanted to do or try. Travel, trying new hobbies, writing a book, exploring your city, tasting new foods…whatever you have always dreamed of doing can be accomplished. Just set aside time to pursue those bucket list items and check them off as you go.

LifeCare Health Partners

Take these suggestions or create your own and set those goals. Now, it’s up to you. Go out and make the most of your year. LifeCare Health Partners wishes you a healthy and prosperous 2019, and hopes that you can turn your resolutions into solutions.

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