BLOG: What’s Up Doc? – It’s Doctors’ Day


LifeCare Health Partners - Doctors' Day 2019

What’s Up Doc? – It’s Doctors’ Day

LifeCare Health Partners wants to celebrate Doctors’ Day on March 30th by recognizing and thanking our physicians, and doctors across the country for all that they do.

National Doctors' Day is a good time to tell the doctors you know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Whether it's a card, a red carnation (the traditional Doctors' Day flower), or a simple "thank you," it's a kind gesture for those professionals charged with caring for our health.

LifeCare Health Partners - Doctors' Day 2019

LifeCare Health Partners, we appreciate all of our doctors, nationwide, for the exceptional work that they do in treating our patients. Our doctors specialize in many disciplines, from Wound Care to Brain Injury to Respiratory Care to Behavioral Health and beyond. We are proud of each and every physician we have, and we would like to spotlight just a few to highlight their expertise in the field.

Meet Dr. Glenn Herrmann, M.D., FCAS, at Colorado Acute Long Term Hospital. Dr. Herrmann specializes in wound care and the treatment of non-healing wounds. He is considered one of the country’s Top Plastic Surgeons by The Consumer Research Council of America. Dr. Herrmann brings expertise and insight that has propelled our wound care program to be one of the top programs in the U.S. Dr. Herrmann and his team of specially-trained clinical staff work together to develop comprehensive treatment plans to maximize recovery potential for our patients.

We are proud to spotlight Dr. Tram Hill, M.D. at LifeCare Wound Center of Plano. Dr. Hill provides comprehensive treatment for non-healing wounds. She has over a decade of experience in wound care and bariatric medicine. Dr. Hill has dedicated her career in medicine to help salvage limbs and assist other specialists in closing difficult wounds. She currently serves as the Medical Director for LifeCare Wound Center of Plano.

Introducing Dr. William Goldfarb, M.D., one of our celebrated physicians in the LifeCare Health Partners family. Dr. Goldfarb serves as the Chief Medical Officer for LifeCare and practices in our LifeCare Hospitals of Pittsburgh facility. With more than 40 years of experience in burn trauma and the surgical arena, he is well established in providing
medical expertise.

LifeCare Health Care - Doctors' Day 2019

We are thankful to all of our doctors, who provide the very best in medical care for our patients. Without their expertise and service, patients would be missing out on such quality care.

For Doctors’ Day, there are many ways to show thanks for the doctors in your world. Recognize them for their hard work and dedication to your hospital, practice, clinic, as well as to the community.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate your favorite physicians on Doctors’ Day:

  • Host a Doctors’ Day Luncheon to show appreciation, with some healthy fare and treats.
  • Present a symbolic red carnation to doctors, representing the qualities of love, charity, sacrifice, bravery
    and courage.
  • Have patients and staff sign a Happy Doctors’ Day card or note for that personal touch.
  • A “Thank You” video would make an impactful acknowledgment of their fine work.
  • Posters, signs, social posts and other outward expressions to tell others how much you appreciate your doctors.

Even if you don’t go to any of these lengths to show appreciation, sometimes a heartfelt thank you with a handshake or a hug can go a long way in offering your sincere thanks for all that they do. We often take for granted everything a doctor does each day, and you can let them know that their service does not go unnoticed.

For all of our doctors, who daily exemplify our mission to Accelerate Healing, Restore Health and Improve Life…Happy Doctors’ Day from all of us at LifeCare Health Partners!

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