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Holiday Happiness

The holiday season marks the winding down of the year gone by, and we at LifeCare Health Partners want you to join us in celebrating this season by giving thanks for what is dearest to us. Friends and family are usually at the top of this list, and rightfully so. But as we look back and reflect upon 2018, many other things come to mind to be thankful for. Being thankful for successes and lessons learned throughout the year, as well as the hope of greater things to come, are all a part of the holiday mindset.

We are so thankful to all of those who make LifeCare Health Partners exist. Our doctors, nurses, skilled staff and caregivers collectively give life to LifeCare. All of the hard work they do to provide the quality care to all of our patients nationwide is immensely appreciated.


Take the time this season to find highlights from the year to reflect upon, and then think ahead to a few projections you would like to see happen for you in the coming year. First, let’s look at some good things to focus on in reflection and being thankful.

  • Family – Think about your family and those closest to you, and how much they have meant to you this past year through love, support and inspiration.
  • Health – Your health can have its ups and downs throughout the year, but remain thankful of your strength and perseverance through any health issues that crossed your path.
  • Successes – Appreciate your accomplishments from the past year; career, family, goals or even something more personal to you.
  • Hardships – Sometimes life can throw you a curveball, or two, and create difficult moments. Be thankful for even those situations, because they can lead to better outcomes and successes for you.


LifeCare Health Partners: Holiday Happiness Blog


Once you have taken stock in your life over the past year, turn your attention forward to the new year ahead. Set yourself some goals and strive to make the year the best it can be.

  • Health – Work on new ways to maintain your health and well-being in the new year with new eating habits, more frequent checkups, better sleep at night and communication with friends, family and doctors about how you are feeling.
  • Finances – Regardless of income, there are many ways to manage your dollar and get the most bang for your buck. Setting money aside for a rainy day, keeping loose change in a container adds up quick, making meals at home rather than eating out and simply shopping frugally and smart are all good ways to stay fiscally healthy.
  • Family & Friends – Make time for your family and friends. They are the ones who care about you most, and are concerned for your well-being. Those relationships are great opportunities to stay happy and embrace all that life has to offer. Smiles and laughs with family and friends create those much needed endorphins that buoy your spirit and can make you feel healthier.

However you spend your holidays, just remember to stay safe and enjoy the time you have with the ones you love. Then prepare to start the new year off right with a fresh outlook and a plan in mind to make the most out of your year. LifeCare Health Partners wants to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and a prosperous New Year ahead.


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