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LifeCare Health Partners Wound Care Program

Wound Care Spotlight

LifeCare Health Partners wants to recognize the Wound Care program, and its value to our patients, as we approach warmer weather and the risk of various complex wounds rises. LifeCare has highly specialized Wound Care centers in Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano, and recognized Wound Care programs in both Denver, Colorado and Sarasota, Florida.

Our wound care program provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to evaluating and managing complex wounds. We achieve the healing process by working in cooperation with referring physicians, and with our consulting specialists to tailor treatment to each patient’s specific wound care needs. This approach helps maximize their potential for recovery.

LifeCare Health Partners Wound Care Program

Two of our highly regarded physicians in our Wound Care program are Glenn Herrmann, M.D., FACS at Colorado Acute Long Term Hospital in Denver and Tram Hill, M.D. at LifeCare Wound Center of Plano.

Dr. Herrmann specializes in wound care and the treatment of non-healing wounds, and is considered one of the country’s Top Plastic Surgeons by The Consumer Research Council of America. Dr. Hill has over a decade of experience in wound care and bariatric medicine. She has dedicated her career in medicine to help salvage limbs and assist other specialists in closing difficult wounds. They were spotlighted in one of our recent blogs, in celebration of Doctors’ Day 2019.

Our Wound Care program treats a variety of wounds and complex wounds. From pressure sores to workers comp injuries to non-healing wounds and more, our approach is to provide exceptional service and treatment throughout the continuum of care.

Just a few of the wound care treatments that we provide to patients are:

• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

• Bio-engineered skin grafting

• Compression therapy

• Incision & drainage

• Debridement

• Non-invasive vascular assessment

• Negative pressure wound therapy

• Advanced wound dressings

With warmer weather arriving and the spring and summer months ahead, people will be heading outdoors for more activities. Spring and summer activities bring a higher risk for moderate to severe wounds. Working on the house or lawn and enjoying outdoor sports or hiking can all attribute to those types of wounds. Take a look back at another of our blogs about some of the potential pitfalls of summer.

LifeCare Health Partners Wound Care Program

Wound care is just one of the many services provided by the hospitals in the LifeCare Health Partners family. We are proud of their amazing work in the wound care field and you can watch our success story videos from patients that we have treated, if you visit our YouTube channel. Our mission is to Accelerate Healing, Restore Health, and Improve Life.

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